Merchandise Policy

In an effort to provide a worry-free enjoyable shopping experience and both offer and sell Japanese entertainment products (e.g. products related to anime, manga, games, or kawaii cultures including luxury products), Tokyo Otaku Mode (TOM) has decided to adhere to the following guidelines for restricting the buying and handling of certain products.

TOM does not buy or handle any of the following products.

  1. Products intended for adults or products that are otherwise prohibited to those under 18 years old according to manufacturers or industry self-regulatory organizations*. (18+ merchandise)(third party standards)

  2. Products that depict sexual acts or any anatomical part of the body involved in sexual reproduction through direct expression.

  3. Products with themes of excessive violence including but not limited to extreme brutality, cruelty, gore, and depictions of death.

  4. Products with themes of illegal activities including but not limited to criminal activity, drug use, and child porngraphy.

  5. Products that criticize or strongly propagate the ideology of specific races, religions, or political views.

  6. Product that contain any themes that are deemed globally to be excessively violent, revealing, or otherwise unacceptable.

  • Industry self-regulatory organizations include but are not limited to the following non-profit corporations: the Computer Entertainment Rating Organization (CERO), the Ethics Organization of Computer Software (EOCS), the Film Classification and Rating Committee, and the Japan Film Ethics Organization.
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