Ever wished you could describe the product of your dreams directly to creators?

Now you can, with TOM Projects!

TOM Projects is a platform where fans and creators interact during the product development process and design the products of their dreams - together.

Creators present sample designs and prototypes and seek fans’ feedback and support. Fans communicate their opinions and preferences and participate in the creation process. The result? A product fans are satisfied with, creators are proud of, and only available here on TOM Projects!

Browse Projects

Look through products, prices, backstories. Find a project you’re interested in.
Don’t love everything about it? No problem. Leave the project owner a comment!

Communicate with Project Owners

Comment on projects and voice your preferences. Receive responses from project owners.
Keep an eye on updates for new product design drafts, all the way through to the final version!

Back Projects

Want the product? Back the project!
Select the rewards (or products) that you would like, and back the project before it ends.

All or nothing

All or nothing projects have a goal that needs to be funded in order for the product to be made.

  • If it hits the goal, the project owner will manufacture your product and ship it to you!
  • If it doesn’t hit the goal, all backers will be refunded and the product will not be made.


Pre-order projects allow you to reserve the product in advance.

  • As long as you reserve a product, it will be manufactured for you after the project ends.
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