Pullip Eye Chips - Lemon & Grape

Pullip Eye Chips - Lemon & Grape 1
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Product Name: Pullip Eye Chips - Lemon & Grape

Product Line: Pullip
Quantity: 2 pairs
Colors: lemon & grape
Material: general purpose polystyrene

These Pullip eye chips are part of the “Make it Own” series! With these eye chips, you can change the eye color of your Pullip dolls! This adorable set comes with a pair of lovely lemon-yellow eye chips and a pair of pretty purple-grape eye chips. Because the set includes two complete pairs of eye chips, you can choose to make your doll have matching or mismatched eye colors! Also, the transparency of the coloring makes them look extra shiny!


Shipping will take approximately 3 to 4 weeks, but may vary by country.

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