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Product Details
Details Versions: Slip, Hedgehog, Bunny, Penguin
Package Size: W10 x H14.8 cm (approx. W4 x H6 in)
Materials: cloth, adhesive sheet
Made in Japan
How to Use
1. Clean, dust and oil the area of the wall where the sticker will be applied.
2. Peel the bottom paper off the sticker and apply the sticky side to the wall.

Wall Story+ wall stickers enable you to create small stories that come to life in ordinary locations you see every day, such as beside light switches, atop shelves, and even in the bathroom! It’s not about decorating your entire wall, but rather about enjoying the specialness of a small, unexpected wall sticker! The wall stickers have an excellent, stylish appearance and are made of high-quality felt for durability. Applying them is a simple two-step process! Plus, their adhesive enables you to remove them and stick them elsewhere many times over without damage to the sticker or wall!

Four versions of these Wall Story+ wall stickers are available: Slip, Hedgehog, Bunny, and Penguin. Each features a thoughtfully created silhouette design with a touch of humor! They make a great gift for otaku who want to enjoy a bit more art as part of their everyday life!

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