YONE Dougan Kyonyu Socks

Add a little bounce to your step with these kanji slogan socks!

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Product Name: YONE Dougan Kyonyu Socks

Brand: YONE
Size: 25-28 cm | 9.8"-11"
Materials: 70% acrylic, 30% cotton

This exciting new clothing collection features a riské slogan in Japanese kanji. The four characters 童顔巨乳 are read "Dougan Kyonyu" which essentially means “baby face, big breasts”! Of course, only people who can read Japanese will get the joke (and now you know too even if you can’t) so otherwise you’ll just be wearing four cool-looking Japanese characters on your clothes.

These stylish socks are available in white, red, and black and each have the slogan above the ankle with two stripes at the top. The 70% acrylic, 30% cotton socks are available in one size, 9.8” - 11”.

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