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Product Name: Mesuinu-chan Chokers

Creator: Usako Tsukiyono
Neck Circumference: 31-38 cm | 12.2”-15”

Creator Usako Tsukiyono felt it wasn’t fair that collars or chokers are mainly associated with SM, so she strived to make something utterly cute and succeeded! These Mesuinu-chan chokers are made of red, black, pink, or blue faux leather, and from the centerpoint surrounded by a pair of wings hangs a heart-shaped charm with “Mesuinu” (“female dog”) written in hiragana.

It’s adjustable in the same manner as a collar and is designed to fit a neck circumference between 12.2” and 15”. While the charm certainly adds an unusual twist to this cute accessory, you could always take it off and replace it with one of your liking!

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