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Product Name: LIZ LISA Lacy Sandals


This is an authentic LIZ LISA item made available on TOM with the permission of the original manufacturer.

Enjoy the sweetness of warm weather in this pair of sandals from LIZ LISA, perfect for pairing with any of your spring- and summer-friendly outfits!~

They come in white and yellow versions, each cute, soft, and available in three sizes: small, medium, and large.

The classic cork sole has a height of 1.7” so they’re tall enough to catch attention while still being great for all-day wear, and the stunning lace adds a dreamy and romantic touch that is sure to make these an instant favorite.

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Size Chart

Size Chart (cm/in.) S M L
Foot Size 22-22.5/
Sole 4.2/1.7 4.2/1.7 4.2/1.7
Heel 8.9/3.5 8.9/3.5 8.9/3.5
Width 8.0/3.1 8.0/3.1 8.0/3.1

All measurements are approximate.

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