Sakamoto Ryoma-kun Costume

Dress up as Sakamoto Ryoma and you’re ready for the Meiji Restoration!

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Sakamoto Ryoma-kun Costume 2
Sakamoto Ryoma-kun Costume 3
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Product Name: Sakamoto Ryoma-kun Costume

Manufacturer: Clearstone Co., Ltd.
Includes: Kimono and hakama (long skirt)
Size (Unisex): Free
Material: 100% polyester
Length (approx.):

  • Kimono: 79 cm | 31.1"
  • Hakama: 100 cm | 39.4"

If you don’t want to make a complicated costume but still want to dress up as something cool, Sakamoto Ryoma is a good place to start! The set includes a 39.4” long hakama and a 31.1” long kimono, both made of polyester. Now all you need is some cool matching shoes (or sandals) and a sword, and you’re ready for the Meiji Restoration!

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Size Chart

Size Chart (cm/in) Free
Height 180/70.9
Bust 102/40.2
Waist 98/38.6
Hips 102/40.2

All measurements are approximations.

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