Bouquet Dress

These beautifully designed dresses have a lovely classical aesthetic!

by hima KAWAGOE

Bouquet Dress 1
Bouquet Dress 2
Bouquet Dress 3
Bouquet Dress 4
Product Name: Bouquet Dress

Artist: hima://KAWAGOE
Size: Free
Materials: 86% cotton, 13% nylon, 1% polyurethane

Another medically inspired fashion item from hima://KAWAGOE, these short, sleeveless dresses feature an elegant design inspired by female anatomy. Available in white x China blue, or black x gold, each of these beautiful dresses is filled with classical style plus an edgy, modern touch.

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Size Chart

Size Chart (cm/in) Free
Total Length 75/29.5
Bust 90/35.4
Shoulder Width 29/11.4

All measurements are approximations.

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