LIZ LISA Frill Lace Wedge Sandals

Perfect any outfit with earthy tones, laser cut designs, and laced-up ribbons!

LIZ LISA Frill Lace Wedge Sandals
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Product Name: LIZ LISA Frill Lace Wedge Sandals

Size: Medium

These stylish Frill Lace Wedge Sandals from fashion brand LIZ LISA are sure to perfect any outfit you have in mind! Available only in medium, these wedge sandals are a lovely mix of tans and creams for an earthy and natural feel. Besides an open toe feature and laser cut designs, bows and laced-up ribbons make for eye-catching finishing touches~

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Size Chart

Size Chart (cm/in.) Medium
Foot Size 22-22.5/8.6-8.9
Heel Height 9.5/3.7
Width 7/2.8

Measurements are approximations.

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