Kirby ACIMOV Socks

Kirby joins the ACIMOV series of character-themed socks!

Kirby ACIMOV Socks
Kirby ACIMOV Socks
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Product Name: Kirby ACIMOV Socks

Series: Kirby
Manufacturer: Good Smile Company
Size: 25 cm | 9.8" (approx. 7"-9" shoe size)
Material: 100% cotton

The latest in Good Smile Company and Terasolar's joint sock brand ACIMOV are socks from the Kirby series featuring cute 8-bit designs!


This product is supplied by Ultra Tokyo Connection for orders within the US and in some cases Canada. Supplies from Ultra Tokyo Connection will not have the Japanese licensor sticker as it is part of the manufacturer's North American supply only and not for sale within Japan, but will include proof of distribution by Ultra Tokyo Connection, a subsidiary of Good Smile Company, on the box.

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