Touhou Project Reimu Hakurei Anytime Hug Dotera

Give the loving Reimu a hug with this padded kimono!

Touhou Project Reimu Hakurei Anytime Hug Dotera


Product Name: Touhou Project Reimu Hakurei Anytime Hug Dotera

Series: Touhou Project
Manufacturer: Movic
Specifications: 100% polyester dotera with full-color print
Size: Men's L

Tokyo Otaku Mode has teamed up with AKIBA-HOBBY, an authorized seller of Team Shanghai Alice products. Products available for purchase here are genuine merchandise from AKIBA-HOBBY.

Warm up your body and soul with this colorful padded kimono! Featuring the Shrine Maiden of the Hakurei Shrine waiting for you with open arms among fallen leaves, it’s made of polyester and comes in men’s L size, perfect for chilly autumn weather~

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Size Chart

Dotera (cm / in)  Men's L
Chest 96-104 / 37.8-40.9
Height 175-185 / 68.9-72.8

Measurements are approximations.

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