Pitanui Persona 3 Aegis

Your very own Aegis to protect you!

Pitanui Persona 3 Aegis
Pitanui Persona 3 Aegis
Pitanui Persona 3 Aegis

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Product Name: Pitanui Persona 3 Aegis

Series: Persona 3
Product Line: Pitanui
Manufacturer: Kotobukiya
Height (approx.): 120 mm | 4.7"
Material: Polyester

Persona 3’s Anti-Shadow Weapon Aegis joins Kotobukiya’s Pitanui collection! Measuring around 4.7”, Pitanui are super cute little plushies which hug whatever they’re close to so they’re perfect for riding around on your bag or hanging around on your desk.

Also Available: Pitanui Persona 3 Hero

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