[email protected] Despicable Me 3 Dave 1000%

Let Dave brighten up your shelf with his radiant smile!

BE@RBRICK Despicable Me 3 Dave 1000%
BE@RBRICK Despicable Me 3 Dave 1000%

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™ & © Universal Studios.
[email protected] ™ & © 2001-2017 MEDICOM TOY CORPORATION. All rights reserved.

Product Name: [email protected] Despicable Me 3 Dave 1000%

Brand: [email protected]
Manufacturer: Medicom Toy
Specifications: Painted & articulated plastic figure
Height (approx.): 700 mm | 27.6"

The faithful Dave is dedicated to follow Gru, even if he has to give up his usual, adorable chubby stature for that of a bear’s! Standing at a mighty 27.6” at 1000%, this [email protected] captures the high-spirited Dave in his blue overalls featuring Gru’s logo. He is flashing a radiant smile with bright, open eyes, an expression that’s sure to be infectious regardless of where you place him!

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