[email protected] Dylan's Candy Bar 1000%

Prepare for your mouth to water when you lay your eyes on this [email protected]!

BE@RBRICK Dylan's Candy Bar 1000%
BE@RBRICK Dylan's Candy Bar 1000%

The product pictured is a sample only. The actual product may slightly vary.

DYLAN’S CANDY BAR and the DCB Logo are Reg.
TMs ® of Dylan’s Candy Bar, LLC. All rights reserved. ©
[email protected] ™ & © 2001-2017 MEDICOM TOY CORPORATION. All rights reserved.

Product Name: [email protected] Dylan's Candy Bar 1000%

Brand: [email protected]
Manufacturer: Medicom Toy
Specifications: Painted & articulated plastic figure
Height (approx.): 700 mm | 27.6"

Towering at a height of 27.6”, this epic [email protected] is one of Medicom Toy’s 1000% models, and its epic design stems from an equally epic collaboration with Dylan’s Candy Bar, the utterly iconic candy café that’s popped up all over the United States!

The pattern on this [email protected], much like the candy bar itself, is completely loaded with all sorts of candy guaranteed to make anyone with a sweet tooth’s mouth water. It emphasizes the colors, textures, and patterns of candy, and it also features the Dylan’s Candy Bar logo on the back~

If you like this design, be sure to check out the matching 100% and 400% model set available on the TOM Shop, as well!

Also Available: [email protected] Dylan's Candy Bar 100% & 400%

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