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Important Information Regarding SAL Mail Delivery


As of December 18th Japan Post has announced that SAL shippings to some countries will be delayed or suspended. For more information, check the official announcement.

SAL Parcel/SAL Small Packet Suspended: France, Netherlands, Spain, Ukraine, Gibraltar and Algeria. There is no confirmed resume date.

SAL Parcel/SAL Small Packet Heavily Delayed: Greece, Czech Republic, Brazil, Peru, Bahrain and Kenia.
If you live in one of the delay affected countries we recommend choosing a different shipping method for your orders. Please also note holiday season delays and longer delivery times persist for most other shipping methods during this time of the year as well.

Introduction of Fedex for US warehouse


We will be rolling out shipment via Fedex for US warehouse! By popular request, we are now including Fedex shipping for outgoing shipments from our US warehouse! Users will not be able to choose between USPS and Fedex when purchasing. Our US warehouse will continue only providing one method of standard shipment (either USPS or Fedex) to users. Standard shipping from our US warehouse remains eligible for Free Standard Shipping promotions. Utilizing Fedex means the ability to provide better value and lower shipping fees! This will be especially effective for bigger packages discounted below the Free Shipping threshold. Check out our FAQ for more details.

Shipping Delays From US Warehouse


Our US warehouse is experiencing some stocking and dispatch delays which may delay packages shipping out by up to 5 business days from the day ordered/stocked. This may affect any current pre-orders or in-stock items you have estimated to ship during the month of December.

We truly appreciate your patience as we try to return to completely normal dispatch speeds!

Note (Updated 12/15) : Kindly note that orders ordered after 12/18 are not likely to make it to your residence before Christmas time.

Shipping Delays From Japan Warehouse


Updated:12/21 JST

Due to observance of the New Year’s holidays, shipments may be delayed for orders placed on or around Dec. 25, 2017 to Jan. 4, 2018 (JST).
Shipment operations will be closed from Dec. 30, 2017 to Jan. 4, 2018 (JST). Due to a possible buildup in orders during this time, shipments might be delayed by an additional 1-3 business days when operations resume on Jan. 5, 2017 (JST). We deeply appreciate and are grateful for your support and understanding.

Note (Updated 12/15) : Kindly note that even EMS orders ordered after 12/20 are not likely to make it to your residence before Christmas time.

Warning For Fans Residing in Canada

Starting as early as October, Canada Post has continuously posted delays and suspension of mail services in certain areas due to weather conditions on their alerts page. Compounded with the effects of the holiday season, shipment methods such as SAL SPR can be very unreliable in terms of timely delivery.

Usual time frame: 3 ~ 5 weeks Delayed time frame: up to 3 months

Please note that Canada Post does not provide local tracking updates for any Small Packet Registered shipping methods. Even if your item has left Japan, your tracking will not update past it’s last placement in Japan. Any questions regarding delivery will have to be directed to Canada Post to see if they can locate your package with any internal data they keep. If you are not comfortable waiting longer periods of time for delivery, we recommend using EMS.

Caution for Delivery Delays During the Holiday Season

(11/01 ~ 1/15)

Due to a possible increase in orders during the holiday season, it may take additional time for packages to reach their recipient’s address from both our Japan and US warehouse. Items from our Japan warehouse may take an additional 1-3 business days to be dispatched, while items from our US warehouse may take additional 1-2 days.

Delays in customs and by local delivery companies can also increase shipping time. SAL SPR deliveries especially can take up to an addition of 1 month from it’s usual time (3-5 weeks) frame to be delivered.

Tips for Holiday Ordering:
  • Special Order/Pre-order items estimated to be shipped in November and December can still be subject to manufacturer delays, so we do not recommend ordering these for gifts.
  • Select EMS (when applicable) and ordering items already in-stock to help ensure that your package arrives as quickly as possible.
  • Keep a close eye on the tracking information, or share your tracking info with your gift recipient. Local postal services are not always reliable about leaving delivery notices or attempting redelivery. Check your tracking information often and contact your post office with any inquiries.

Looking for more information about shipping times?
Your country's postal service website may have helpful updates related to local shipping delays, post office closures, and so on. For example, this page compiles the latest USPS service disruption alerts for the entire United States.

Check out Japan Post’s guide for guaranteed holiday delivery here.